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Run a Meeting with The 3B Club

Run a Meeting...

The local meetings are the heart of The 3B Club and I want every small business owner throughout the UK to have the opportunity to attend one.

But I can't do it on my own - so I need help.

It's really easy to run your own meeting, before you start I will meet up with you, show you how it works and supply you with a 'How to Run Your Meeting Guide'.

How it Works - There's a bit more detail to it but basically it works like this:

Every month you will be sent the printed workbooks (actually it's 10 months as we don't meet in August or December). A few days before the meeting, we'll have a video call and I'll talk you through the workbook. Sometimes I produce a PowerPoint presentation too or there may be a guest speaker.

The 3B members get a printed copy of Buzzin' the 3B Club newsletter posted to them every month. I also publish weekly blogs, post on social media and send regular emails. In addition the members have exclusive access to the members section on the website and the Facebook group for members only.

You are responsible for promoting the club locally to attract members, booking and paying for the venue and refreshments and running the meeting.

You Make A Few Bob Too – I'm always transparent with my pricing and The 3B Club membership is currently £50.00 per month. I pay 80% commission for each member, and you should aim to have 10-15 members in the group. Therefore if you have say, 10 members, this would give you a £400.00 income. On average I budget £200.00 to hold a meeting, so with 10 members you would make about £200.00 profit for running the meeting. Pretty good for 4/5 hours work of an evening!

What's more the meetings are informative and helpful and for me are the highlight of my week, I'm always buzzing after holding them and mixing with likeminded people!


Pop your details in the box below and I'll be in touch, or email me directly with RAM in the subject line.