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Rocket Launch Your Business

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FYI - Here’s how it works:

If you need to build your audience and create a marketing plan then this is for you.

The first thing we do is get your marketing foundations in place, that’s steps 1–7 of The 10 Step Marketing Plan.

Then we make sure you’ve got all the marketing tools you’re going to need so that you’re ready for action.

Now’s the time to write your Marketing Campaigns, help you implement them and measure the results. The stuff that works we keep doing, the stuff that doesn’t we tweak or stop doing.

We recommend you plan to work on this for a minimum of six months. It’s not for everyone, we start with a ‘Getting To Know You’ discovery session and if both parties agree with the plan then we get cracking on!.

FYI – what it costs...

This starts from £500.00 per month depending on the plan.

Interested? Let’s chat, start with an email to