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Marketing Done For You

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Introducing Marketing Done For You a blog writing and social media posting service done for you.

Here's what it's about:

As we all know, we all like to buy stuff...

Shopping bags - Marketing Done For You

but we hate being sold to!

Car dealer - Marketing Done For You

So the problem is, how do you tell your customers about you, without selling to them?

The Yellow Pages has gone, hardly anyone reads a newspaper or magazine anymore, so no more big adverts.

If you want to get your customers attention, you've got to go where they hang out, and they're hanging out online on their smartphones.

They're on their phones to pass the time, so entertain them, inform them, but just don't sell to them.

One way to do this is to tell stories and be seen as the 'Go to Guy'.

Stories that are about:

  • Giving advice
  • Helping people
  • Solving their problems
  • Answering their questions

Stories that:

  • Introduce your staff
  • Are about your products and services
  • Stories that tell them what your happy customers say about you
  • And of course stories occasionally about special offers

By telling these stories, you create an online presence, and become a familiar and trusted brand. You become that 'Go to Guy'.

One great way to tell stories is to write regular blogs, and publish them on your website, and then post onto social media.

I did this with the 3B Club brand. It took a while to get going, but then it started to gain momentum, and the leads and enquiries flowed in.

Luckily for me - I really enjoy doing it, but for some I know it's not that easy. To help my 3B Club members I created a service called 'Marketing Done For You' and did it for them, although some of them actually called it Mike Does it For You.

I'm now offering to do this for other business owners too...

Here's how it works -

I and my team will write the blogs for you with:

  • A catchy headline/subject line
  • An image to generate interest
  • Write the copy
  • Add a call to action to contact you

Once approved by you we publish it on your website.

For examples check out my blog in the toolbar or have a look at the blog I do for Keith:

Then we post onto social media:

Facebook logoFacebook Business Page
LinkedIn logoLinkedIn
Twitter logoTwitter
Instagram logoInstagram

Then we do an email blast on MailChimp.

Instagram logoMailchimp

All these posts have links back to the blogs. The blogs have a call to action to either contact you directly, or by data capture via a landing page.

And yep - All Done For You!

But "I don't have this setup" I hear you say...

Animated characters - Marketing Done For You

Don't worry, we do all that for you too!

If you haven't got a blog on your website, ask your website developer to set one up in WordPress, or we know a man who can, we use Ian at In the meantime we will still write and post on your social media accounts and do the email blasts, and if you need these accounts set up we do that for you too.

How much is all this going to cost me?

Surprisingly – not a lot!

For this to work for you it needs to be done regularly, we recommend posting at least twice a month, if not weekly.

Blogs and PostsRRP
1. Once a month£197.00
2. Twice a month£297.00
3. Four times a month£497.00

To set up Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and MailChimp accounts there's a one off charge of £75.00.

Pop your details in the box below and I'll be in touch, or email me directly with MDFY in the subject line.

Then we'll have a chat and get your Marketing Done For You!

Oh, and by the way, did you know that –

Google loves websites that update frequently - Marketing Done For You