Meet Edgar & Ava

It’s that time of year, Halloween has been and gone, the fireworks have been let off and now it’s time for the eagerly awaited John Lewis Christmas advert.

It came to my attention as it was trending in seven of the top 20 trends in my Twitter feed this morning.

This year the star of the show is an excitable dragon named Edgar and his friend a young girl called Ava. All set in a snowy mediaeval village that apparently was created in August in Budapest, Hungary and accompanied by a cover of 80’s hit ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon.

Unfortunately ‘Excitable Edgar’ dashes around the village as it prepares for the Christmas festivities, breathing fire and causing chaos, and of course the tale tugs on your heart strings.

You can see the whole (two and a half minutes) here:

Needless to say though, that a purchase of a John Lewis/Waitrose product saves the day!

The John Lewis Christmas advert is the yard stick that other companies use to measure against and that’s an enviable position to be in and it’s serious business. Starting with a launch at 7am this morning and being aired for the first time on prime time TV this Saturday during the X Factor.

But it’s not just the advert, by creating a new character(s) each year there’s the whole merchandise range. This year there’s a cuddly toy, children’s pyjamas and slippers, a Christmas pudding (watch the video) and gingerbread biscuits.

In addition there’s an Excitable Edgar filter created for Snapchat, and an emoji will be available on Twitter until 25th December. No doubt the song will be released and will be a favourite for the number one spot on Christmas Day.

All in all very clever marketing!