Nice phone it was too!

I was out walking yesterday evening and I found a phone on some grass, presumably dropped out of a pocket or bag. Normally I wouldn’t have seen it as it was dark but at the moment I passed it the screen lit up. It was a nice smart phone too and worth a few bob I’m sure, but I didn’t take it the second-hand phone shop and cash it in, instead I thought how would I feel if it was me that had lost the phone?

My first thoughts were to take it to the police station and hand it in, but I could see someone, ‘uncle Bob’, was calling repeatedly and I presumed it was the owner trying to trace their phone. Initially I couldn’t answer it as the phone was locked but after pushing various areas of the screen I managed to call uncle Bob and arrange to hand the phone back. Strange how I managed to ‘unlock’ the phone but perhaps it was meant to be?

Anyway, a little while later a I met a very relieved young lad, with his uncle Bob, and I was happy to return the phone. The lad asked what he could do to thank me and I just asked him to pass on a good deed when the opportunity arose.

Random acts of kindness (RAOK) helps people, often complete strangers, and makes you, the helper, feel good too. If you get the opportunity try it!