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About Us

It's said the 'About Us' is the second most popular page visited on a website (after the Home Page), so here's ours!

The About Us at the moment, really should be renamed 'About Me' as it's only me at present. However, I am recruiting Business Club Leaders to help run meetings across the UK, so if you're looking for an exciting business opportunity pop over to the 'Join Me' page and let's have a chat?

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Anyway, a little bit about me...

My name is Mike Chance and I have been running my own businesses for 30 years.

During this time, I have worked with 100's of small business owners. Many of whom were struggling to market their businesses due to lack of knowledge of how to do it?

I included myself in this scenario and decided to learn more about marketing. With this knowledge, and after implementing it, my customers often asked me to help them with their marketing.

That's why I started The 3B Club, a place for likeminded small business owners to learn and grow their businesses and share experiences, challenges and problems with fellow small business owners.

Away from work I enjoy the outdoors, particularly walking and swimming. Occasionally I like to hit a golf ball, especially in Florida. I've visited America over 30 times and it's my ambition to visit all 50 states (9 so far). I love reading a good book and listening to music, my all time favourite band is the Eagles and enjoy the whole Americana genre of music as well as a bit of disco – well that was the popular sound of my youth!

Most of all I enjoy meeting people and hope our paths cross someday.

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